Deluxe 12 Rose Bouquet

The holiday season may have recently come to a close, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This beautiful balloon rose bouquet would make a great gift for that special someone. The sculpture features 12 roses in a vase with ribbon PLUS free heart wand. Also, they are available in any color combination (pictured: red, pink and peach), whether it be the traditional all red arrangement, the popular half red/half white arrangement, or perhaps a dozen in yellow roses for the recipient who loves yellow, the choice is yours! You may also choose the vase and ribbon colors. These are available for order for $35 including FREE Delivery (to most of Chicago and nearby suburbs; PLEASE CALL 773-936-6932 for details). 1/2 dozen rose bouquets (also with vase, ribbon and heart stick) are also available for $25.

balloon half dozen rose bouquet

Balloon rose bouquet

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