Want to know one of the quickest ways to perk up a party? Hire a balloon twister. When I start stretching a few balloons, the squeaks will cause kids to crowd around shouting, “Make me a Hello Kitty!” or “Can you make me a Spiderman?”

Great centerpiece for a baby shower

Great centerpiece for a baby shower

Adults get pretty impressed, too. Imagine giving a young woman a ladybug bracelet. Or handing her a bouquet of balloon roses. Of course, you could be adventurous and order a colorburst flower with several creatures! For the gentleman, perhaps, a Chicago Bulls balloon figure or maybe a chain saw?

A well-done table decoration can contribute a spark to party decor.

As┬áMike says, “Balloons are ephemeral, but make unforgettable memories. They liven up parties, break the ice and make people happy. A normal celebration turns into an extravaganza with enough balloons!”

Allow me to twist some balloons for your next party or event, I service most of Chicago and nearby suburbs. Call 773-936-6932 or fill out the contact form for more info.

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