New for 2015….Smurf balloon animal!

I’ve been pondering about which new deluxe design to showcase first for the new year. Then it hit me… why not learn, make and post a cute BALLOON SMURF?


…After all, Smurfs have been around since the late 1950’s, and are popular with children to this day! Not to mention they live in mushroom shaped houses, and what can be cooler than THAT?? This design stands approximately 24 inches tall, and is colorfully made using teal blue and white balloons, with a red balloon piece for his big smile.

As with all my designs, this model is available for order and delivery (within most of Chicago and nearby suburbs).

Considering a Smurf themed birthday party for your child? This design would make a great centerpiece that the birthday child can have when the party is over, and THAT will garner a smile! Call 773-936-6932 for details on ordering balloon sculptures or having me provide balloon twisting entertainment for YOUR party or event!

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