cart with balloonsReady to take to the streets and do some serious balloon twisting! My cart works like a menu; customers can order something that they see and like. Or they can switch it up and ask for a purple octopus instead of one in blue and white. Seeing a princess bracelet encourages them to ask if the ladybug on the flower can be made into a bracelet. Working with the client is one of the great parts about balloon entertainment.

Backyard birthday bash

Backyard birthday bash

As much as I love working at street fairs, I’ve done quite a few parties lately. Along with all my balloons and paraphernalia I’ve been taking some of my magic tricks to add to the entertainment.

BwB reunion 2a


The most recent party that I performed at was a third anniversary celebration. BwB reunion 5aThe Salvation Army in Des Plaines has a program called Breakfast with Baby which provides diapers to a woman who is at least seven months pregnant or has a baby under one year of age. I helped out a couple of years ago at a kiddie carnival which was part of the annual yard sale. The director invited me back. Gotta tell you that there were LOTS of kids who kept me very busy.




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